Let Pixel Fix Settle You With Stunning New Song

Featured Image via Pixel Fix

Pixel Fix, a four-piece band from the UK, released a video for their new song “You Settle Me” today. Expectations for the song were high, especially after their recent single “I Want You The Same” made such an impact.

“You Settle Me” does not disappoint. The intoxicating vocals combined with infectious electronic elements produce a hypnotic result. One listen will have any listener hooked.

Pair the song with the video and the effect is mesmerizing. The video finds Pixel Fix performing in a dark room, illuminated only by strips of pulsing lights. The result is reminiscent of a scene you might witness in a rave filled with strobe lights—you’ll be focused on one member, the lights will dim and then brighten to reveal a new scene, whether it be the member it was focused on in a different position or a different member altogether. It’s impossible to look away. Check out the video below!

Pixel Fix will be touring the UK in March, make sure to see them if they’re coming near you.

Pixel Fix Tour

Image via Pixel Fix


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