Song of the Week: The Walker

Featured Image via Fitz & The Tantrums

Every once in a while you’ll come across a song that’s perfect to blast through your speakers while you speed down the highway with your windows down and shamelessly belt out the lyrics. “The Walker” by Fitz & The Tantrums is one of those songs. It grabs your attention from the very beginning with catchy whistling (I dare you not to whistle along, I doubt it’s possible) and keeps you hooked with foot-stomping beats and feel-good lyrics. This song will work its way into your head and stay there after just one listen.

Check out the video for “The Walker” below!

Fall In Love With Atlas Genius’ “Friendly Apes”

Featured Image via Atlas Genius

Upbeat. Danceable. Charasmaric. What more could you want in a song? These words perfectly describe Atlas Genius’ “Friendly Apes,” a song off of their new album “Inanimate Objects.” Keith’s seductive vocals combined with Mike’s alluring drumming, as well as the use of calming synths, make for the perfect track. This song will immediately grab listeners’ attention. Just try to not fall in love with it from the start!

Give it a listen below!

Great Good Fine Ok Back At It Again With New Track “Already Love”

Featured Image via Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine Ok recently released a new track, titled “Already Love”. It starts out with great dancey-synths, which immediately gets you hype for the song. As it continues, lead singer Jon Sandler’s amazing voice meshes well with the beat, making the song even more invigorating to listen to. To make “Already Love” an even better track, the lyrics are something that everyone can relate to. Once again, Great Good Fine Ok has come out with an amazing song that you’ll want to listen to for hours. You won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing to the wonderful, rhythmic beat!

Give it a listen below! 

Song of the Week: Your Soul

Featured Image via Coasts

Everyone needs a go-to carefree song that they can dance to. “Your Soul” by Coasts is just that. The fun lyrics and catchy guitar riffs are certainly attention-grabbers, but the real star of this song is the percussion. Infectious snare rhythms and harmonious marimba chords (plus some cowbell, of course) tie all of the elements of this song together perfectly and make this track the masterpiece that it is.

Check out “Your Soul” below!

Coasts will be embarking on a North American headline tour one month from today! Check out the dates below and get your tickets here.

Coasts Tour

Image via Coasts

Song of the Week: Possessed

Featured Image via Robert DeLong

Sultry. Seductive. Downright sexy. All of these describe “Possessed” by Robert DeLong. Robert’s alluring vocals will grab any listener’s attention—his deep “come take control of me” will absolutely give you chills. The irresistible lyrics are backed by dark, electronic beats that will have you dancing along in no time.

Check out “Possessed” below!


Flight Club Talks Recording, Musical Influences and More!

Featured Image via Flight Club

Flight Club, a rock and roll band from Virginia, recently released their self-titled EP, Flight Club. Adore had the chance to talk to them about recording, musical influences and more.

Adore: What was the recording process for Flight Club like?

Flight Club: Awesome! We did most of the instrumental stuff in our friend/co-producer’s basement. It was laid back and we got to use a lot of nicer equipment than we were used to. We did the vocals at Summit Sound Recording Studio which is tucked away in the mountains near Eagle Rock, VA. It’s an amazing studio and the surrounding area was absolutely gorgeous. Although it was early January, so it was always freezing. Sam ended up catching a cold during vocal tracking which caused some difficulties, but he powered through! All in all, it was an incredible experience for us.

A: What’s your favorite track on the EP?

FC: I’d have to say the first song, “The T-Truffle Shuffle”. We explored a lot of different directions, musically, on this release, but I feel like that track really embodies the sound we want to accomplish as Flight Club. It’s got a catchy guitar riff, heavy breakdowns, groovy melodies and lyrics full of teenage angst. Anyone can relate to this jam because it’s swingy enough to dance to, heavy enough to mosh to and catchy enough to make you sing along!

A: Who are your main musical inspirations?

FC: Oh, there are ever so many. Four Year Strong is Sam’s personal favorite, but he listens to anything involving loud guitars and drums. They combine the positive vibes of pop punk with the heaviness of hardcore to get an incredible blend of power and melody. Charlie loves a lot of core pop punk like The Story So Far, State Champs and Neck Deep along with some heavier bands. Toney love FYS as well, but also has a taste for heavier artists like The Devil Wears Prada and Ice Nine Kills. He also listens to some prog rock/post-hardcore bands like Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds and Closure In Moscow. Steven provides our bluesy, old-school, rock n roll vibe. His idol is Jack White (and the other bands Jack plays in) as well as other modern blues rock bands like The Black Keys, Cage The Elephant and Jet. He’s also big on a lot of jam bands like Widespread Panic.

A: Can we expect any new music from you soon?

FC: Wouldn’t you like to know 😉 We’ve been doing a lot of writing and are starting to really form a solid idea for our next release. We’re crazy stoked on the new songs we’ve been coming up with and can’t wait to show everyone how much we’ve grown as a band. When we’ll start recording is undetermined, but be on the lookout for a possible music video in the near future… Other than that, make sure to check out our EP because I promise you won’t hate it! Follow us on all of our social media (@flightclubva) to find out when we’re playing a show near you.

Check out Flight Club’s EP below!