Ben & David of Coasts Discuss Tattoos, Music & More!

I had the chance to sit down with Ben Street and David Goulbourn of Coasts for an interview before their show in Atlanta, GA. Check it out below!

Coasts just kicked off their North American tour with Symmetry and Knox Hamilton in Nashville, TN. Check out the dates below and make sure to get your tickets here.

Coasts Tour

Image via Coasts



Song of the Week: Live This Nightmare

Featured Image via The Griswolds

“Do what you want, do what you need”—listen to “Live This Nightmare” by The Griswolds if you want, but be warned that one listen will make you need to listen to it again. This catchy track with smooth, sultry vocals will work its way into your head and make itself at home there.

Give it a listen below!

The Griswolds begin their Hotline Spring tour with Magic Man and Panama Wedding today. Check out the dates below and make sure to see them if they’re coming near you!

Hotline Spring Tour.jpg

Image via The Griswolds