Song of the Week: Rightfully So

Featured Image via Knox Hamilton

If you’re looking for a fresh jam from a new band, then it’s time to hop on the Knox Hamilton bandwagon, and their song “Rightfully So” is a perfect place to start.

This bop, featuring infectious synth and catchy lyrics, is nothing short of an earworm. After just one listen you’ll constantly have this song on replay, and “Rightfully So” (insert winking emoji here).

Check out “Rightfully So” below!

Knox Hamilton are currently on tour with Coasts and Symmetry. Check out the dates below and get tickets here.

Knox Hamilton Coasts Tour

Image via Knox Hamilton



Song of the Week: Fast Lane

Featured Image via Symmetry 

If you’re looking to get addicted to a new song, then look no further than “Fast Lane” by LA-based band Symmetry.

This track features infectious synth and catchy guitar riffs, accompanied by powerful vocals reminiscent of a Boys Like Girls tune. This song is the perfect jam to blast in your car while cruising along in the (dare I say it) “Fast Lane.”

Check out the video for “Fast Lane” below!

Symmetry are currently on tour with Coasts and Knox Hamilton. Check out the dates below and get tickets here.

Coasts Tour

Image via Coasts

Atlas Genius’ Show Was “A Perfect End” To A Tuesday Night

Last Tuesday, April 26th, Australian indie-rock band Atlas Genius captivated Dallas fans with a show we all wished would never end. The band opened the show with their latest single, “Stockholm,” and from the very beginning radiated with energy. On this particular night, there was bad weather with the possibility of tornadoes, but it didn’t seem to phase the band or even the fans as the crowded venue was focused on having a good time.

Atlas Genius previously mentioned they were trying out a few songs they hadn’t played live before, and it was definitely a good decision. “Where I Belong,” one of these new songs, mesmerized the audience, and it may have been one of the best songs of the night. Keith swapped his guitar for a tambourine and took the audience to another level. This song also showed how important the band’s lighting was. Atlas Genius’ live set has been known for the amazing light show that compliments their wonderful songs, and they once again wowed the audience with it. The transition from “The Stone Mill” into “Molecules,” one that fans go crazy for, was accompanied by a series of flashing lights that would amaze anyone. Little things like this just added to the overall charisma and charm of their set.

Later on in the night Atlas Genius did 3 covers, 2 of which were unexpected. They covered “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” “Hotline Bling,” and “The Hills,” which they have a recorded version of. The crowd seemed to get a bit nostalgic when they began the Tears For Fears cover and everyone sang along loudly. Next was their cover of Hotline Bling. When I heard that they were going to cover Hotline Bling, I was initially very nervous because it is a song I strongly dislike, but they killed it. Something about the way they made it their own made it more enjoyable. After their “last song” the guys returned to the stage for an encore which included “The Hills,” and they definitely made that song their own. This was a special song to me as I have loved their cover since they released a recorded version of it in November. If a cover could be perfect then it would be this one. It was very popular with the audience, especially since it was a song almost everyone knew. All three of these covers showcased not only the band’s versatility but also their talent since these weren’t songs one would think Atlas Genius would cover.

During the night Keith made sure to make his way around the stage and to interact with fans, as did Blake (Straus) and Alex (Marans).  Keith’s alluring vocals mixed with his strong interaction with the crowd made for the perfect show. This was one of the best shows I have been to as it bypassed my expectations greatly. Not only are the guys in Atlas Genius extremely talented, but they are also very genuine, which seems to be a rare thing nowadays. I highly recommend seeing these guys live if you get the chance. You may even find your new favorite band.