Lewis Del Mar Gets “Loud(y)” In Dallas

Lewis Del Mar, fronted by Danny Miller and Max Harwood, opened a sold-out show for Børns at Granada Theater in Dallas, TX on June 6th. The duo was joined on stage by their friends, who all sound absolutely amazing together. They opened the show with “Memories,” which immediately captured the attention of the audience. As their set went on they continued to amaze everyone with their raw yet energetic music. It seemed like this show was the first time many people in the audience had heard of them, but they definitely left a lasting impression on them. At one point the girl behind me excitedly asked, “Do you know who this is?” to which I proudly replied, “Lewis Del Mar, they’re amazing!”

I had been waiting to see these guys for a while, so to see them play to a sold-out crowd in Dallas was great. Seeing them on stage was unlike anything else, as you could tell how passionate they truly were about performing. I don’t think Max stopped smiling for even a brief second while drumming! As captivating as their set was, the second they started playing “Loud(y),” their most well-known song, I knew the show was about to be over. I immediately wished I was going to get to see them again soon as I had fallen in love with their music even more.

Overall, their set ranks as one of the best that I have seen. It had everything you could ever want in a show and more. I highly recommend everyone go and see them when they play near you.

Tour Dates:

    JUN 16       ALBANY, NY       
    JUL 13        INDIANAPOLIS, IN   
    JUL 15        MADISON, WI       
    JUL 16        DAVENPORT, IA   
    JUL 17        KANSAS CITY, KS   
    JUL 18        OKLAHOMA CITY, OK       
    JUL 21        OMAHA, NE       
    JUL 22        LOUIS, MO       
    JUL 23        DETROIT, MI       
    JUL 26        MILWAUKEE, WI   
    JUL 27        MINNEAPOLIS, MN   
    JUL 28        CHICAGO, IL       
    JUL 29        CHICAGO, IL   
  AUG 02      ASPEN, CO       
  AUG 03      LAKE CITY, UT                                                                                                                              AUG 05      SANTA MONICA, CA   
  AUG 06      SAN FRANCISCO, CA                                                                                                            AUG 12       SOMERSET, WI   
  AUG 27    LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM          SEP 02    SEATTLE, WA       
  SEP 04    DENVER, CO       
  SEP 10    ELIZABETHTOWN, NY       
  SEP 18    BOGOTA, COLOMBIA       
  SEP 23    LAS VEGAS, NV   
  OCT 01    AUSTIN, TX   

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