The Hunna Prove They’ve “Still Got Blood” In DC

The Hunna, an up-and-coming band from the UK, recently embarked on their very first North American tour. One of the first stops was Washington, DC at DC9 on June 14th. Not knowing what to expect from this young band, the anticipation was high in the crowd. Would The Hunna live up to the hype around them?

Starting with the fan favorite single “You and Me” and ending with a new track to be released on their debut album, The Hunna wowed the crowd from start to finish. It is truly amazing to see a band perform with such raw energy to such a small room. I imagine they would perform with that energy whether they were playing to a room of twenty or to a sold-out arena.

Even after the show ended, The Hunna were gracious enough to meet all of their fans. If there is one thing that will help this band go far (and trust me, they WILL go far), it is the fact that there are amazing people behind the outstanding music. They were just as nice as anyone could hope for them to be. They left fans with the promise to return later in the year.

Check out the rest of their North American tour dates and make sure to catch them if they’re coming near you! Get tickets here.

The Hunna Tour

Image via The Hunna

You can pre-order their debut album 100, to be released August 26th, here.

The Hunna 100

Image via The Hunna


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