Mulàn Brings The Mystery With First Single “Night”

Featured Image via Mulàn

On Wednesday, a new group emerged onto the music scene. They call themselves Mulàn. What do we know about Mulàn? Not much. Their website and social media provide no answers—there are no pictures, no member names, no bios. Nothing. They are completely shrouded in mystery. The band did release a statement with the track, which reads “Being aware of how little of the world you will experience, will allow you to see what is hidden. Night is the start of that awareness. Music created by 3 individuals for the sake of creation solely. Identity is secondary to the output yet, never forgotten. Mulàn are Mulàn.” Normally, I’m not a fan of gimmicks, but this one, employed by the brand new record label You Know Music, has me hooked. And I can definitely say the same about Mulàn’s first single, “Night.”

The intro to “Night” makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into an episode of American Horror Story, and that’s not a bad thing. It grabs your attention right from the start. From there, it transitions into sultry R&B, full of heavy synths, bluesy guitar riffs and chilling glissandos. It’s a tune that’s sure to get stuck in your head instantly.

What’s next for Mulàn? No one knows. But with a start like “Night” they are sure to have a bright future.

Listen to “Night” below.