Danielle’s Top 5 Albums of 2016

Featured Images via Twitter

5. Wild World – Bastille

Life, death, politics and everything in between. ‘Wild World’ Bastille’s second album has seen a growing confidence in their own music with dark lyrics that are peppered with obscure samples and quotes in a ‘mix-tape’ fashion.

Unease and anxiety are overriding themes of ‘Wild World’ as we embark on a journey of trying to fit in and yearning for a safe haven.

4. After The Rain – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

The hushed an hymnal sound of ‘After The Rain’ is perfect for a chilled Sunday afternoon. The gorgeously poetic style with simple and stripped back instrumentals gives the songs a fragile, precious and heartwarming style.

Since releasing his first album ‘Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm’ back in 2011 Benjamin lost his father to a battle with cancer and ‘After The Rain’ is a humbling tribute to his late father with an optimistic look to the future.

3. Isn’t It Strange – Lauren Aquilina

Lauren Aquilina said that one of her greatest achievements was releasing her first album (and being proud of it) She has very good reason for being proud of it and girl you did good! Unfortunately Lauren will not be releasing anymore music under her own name due to mental health reasons but she’s bowing out with grace and plenty of ‘kicks.’

Profound emotion meets honey- glazed tones in this beautiful album which takes you on a empowering journey from ‘Midnight Mouths’ to ‘ Kicks’ and will have you reaching for the repeat button.

2. 100 – The Hunna

I first stumbled across The Hunna when they played support for Coasts last year and was instantly taken wit their (at the time) latest single ‘Bonfire.’

 The Hunna have, in my opinion, dominated the ‘indie alt rock’ scene with hit after hit and this resonates in their killer album. Personal highlights include ‘You and Me’ and ‘Alive.’

1. Coasts – Coasts

Coasts self titled debut album has been eagerly anticipated by many, me included and for me 22nd January 2016 couldn’t come soon enough. I had of course preordered the album but when the day finally arrived I couldn’t resist a cheeky trip to HMV to se the Coasts album in the ‘new releases’ section. *Insert fangirling moment here*

The album includes many fan favourites such as the feel good and all-consuming ‘Oceans’ which featured on Made In Chelsea as well as ‘Tonight’ on the FIFA 16 soundtrack.

Lesser known tracks such as ‘Stone’ and ‘See How’ showcase Coasts’ colourful and evocative lyrics.


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