Song of the Week: Past Lives 

Featured Image via Børns

A lot of times I find myself saying “Man, that song would be great if it had better vocals.” Vocals truly can make or break a song. At the same time, you can have a superb vocalist backed by a lackluster track. Both are equally bad. So when you find a song that has not only amazing vocals but an excellent track to boot, you just have to tell people about it. “Past Lives” by Børns is one of those songs.

The song opens with nothing but layers upon layers of Børns’ ethereal voice. It’s so stunningly beautiful that it’ll give you goosebumps. The song then takes a turn when a surprisingly upbeat pop track kicks in. The combination of Børns’ angelic voice and the catchy instrumentals make this song a must-listen.

Check out “Past Lives” below.


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