Sarah Doe “We Were Strangers” Album Review

Featured Image via Sarah Doe

Sarah Doe’s third album We Were Strangers is described as “The folk-pop stomp of KT Tunstall seamlessly blended with the stripped-back intimacy of Damien Rice” and I couldn’t agree more as this beautiful album is filled with gorgeously poetic lyrics and Sarah’s angelic vocals.

After studying Commercial Music at Bath Spa University and being the world’s best housemate (we lived together), Sarah Doe went on to become a music teacher and was able to fund this album through playing a number of gigs after work. Sadly as we live a good few hours away from each other I was unfortunately unable to make it to any of these dates yet when the album launch was announced for January 28th I knew that there was nowhere in the world that I would rather be.

The album is a welcome mix of acoustic solo tracks along with a number of tracks accompanied by a band made up of fellow uni mates Mike Griffiths and Jim Heard whilst brother; Chris Doe, lends a hand in he song writing process.

The emotionally  charged We Were Strangers is crammed with poignant lyrics in ‘Clockwatching’ and ‘The Warning Signs’ as well as evocative imagery in ‘Carousel’ and ‘Sweet September Rain’




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