Jack Hopkinson Discusses His New Single, Musical Influences & More!

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We recently had the chance to speak to Jack Hopkinson, a British singer/songwriter, about his upcoming single, musical influences & more! Check out the interview below.

Adore: Where do you find the inspiration for your songs?

Jack: My relationships mainly, although some are self reflective (“Begin Again”). It varies from song to song.

A: Who are your main musical influences?

J: 1000% John Mayer. I take influences from other acts too like Foy Vance, The Brothers Landreth, Ryan Adams, James Bay, James Taylor. More into the folk americana genre.

A: If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

J: Let It Lie – The Brothers Landreth. There is not a bad song on that album or Joy of Nothing by Foy Vance.

A: If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

J: I’d love to support Foy Vance, I could just sit and listen to him talk. Or maybe someone like Lady Antebellum. I just want to sing to as many people as possible. Get my name and songs heard.

A: What’s your favorite song to perform live?

J: Right this minute, it’s a song off the new EP called “Every Now and Then.”

A: If you had a TARDIS, when and where would you want to visit?

J: I’d love to see the future (hoverboards and flying cars) but then again, Post-Victorian England (in between the two world wars) would be pretty sweet to experience for a day or two.

A: Having a successful music career can be a very difficult thing to achieve. What keeps you motivated to continue pursuing music?

J: The people who already support me are my focus to keep going. I love to get out there and sing, I feel it’s in my DNA so I just want to do it, but it’s mainly for the people who follow me and will follow me. (fingers crossed)

A: You’re releasing your new single, “Déjà Vu,” on Friday. What can listeners expect from it? 

J: “Déjà Vu” was written 5 years ago when I was at University, so a lot of people have already heard it to death but this is a brand new slant on it so what to expect from this version is many, many harmonies, a full band arrangement, a taste of lead guitar parts and Pedal Steel along with my acoustic guitar and my voice (obviously…haha).

Jack’s new single, “Déjà Vu,” will be released this Friday, March 3rd. I’ve been lucky to hear the single ahead of its release, and it is everything Jack said and more. Be sure to check it out!

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Song of the Week: In Currents

Featured Image via The Early November

When I was still in college, I frequently visited the local Hot Topic. Sure, I love their merchandise, but to be quite frank I only went so much because I had a crush on one of the cashiers there. One day, to make conversation, I asked him if there was any new music I should check out. With enthusiasm, he told me about an album that had just been released by one of his favorite bands, The Early November. I left with a copy of In Currents, and I listened to it non-stop in an effort to have something to talk about with the cashier the next time I visited.

What I bought on a whim shortly became one of my favorite albums. The title track, “In Currents,” definitely stands out. Starting out with heavy kickdrum and Ace’s mellow vocals, the track builds up into an insanely catchy chorus, during which Ace’s voice takes on a certain raw quality that makes it that much more appealing. It’s all you could hope for in a rock song.

In short, thanks to the guy at Hot Topic that I had a crush on for inadvertently introducing me to one of my favorite bands.

Check out the electrifying video for “In Currents” below!

Coasts : UK Tour Announcement

Featured Image via Coasts

It would seem that Friday is Coasts day as last week we finally got our hands on “Heart Starts Beating” and then this week the boys announced their UK tour.

The six date tour which spans just over a week is short but sweet, starting in Edinburgh on the the 29th of May and reaching a climatic finish in London – better known to Coasts’ fans as the “Golden City” – on 6th June.

The tour will include many of your favourite tracks from Coasts’ debut album including “Oceans,” “Wolves” and “A Rush Of Blood,” as well the eagerly anticipated latest single “Heart Stars Beating.”

Coasts are by far one of my favourite bands to see live as their effervescent energy is intoxicating. The question is, can they top the stage invasion of 2016?

Tickets are available for presale from 7am on Wednesday 22nd February with the general sale opening from 10am Friday 24th February.


Image via Coasts

In case you missed it, we did a dual review of the new single, “Heart Starts Beating,” last week. You can check that out here.

“Separate Ways”: Joe Dolman Releases Stunning New Single

Featured Image via Joe Dolman

When I think of Joe Dolman, many things come to mind, but incredible talent is definitely the first thing that pops into my head. This twenty year old Brit has more talent in his pinky finger than any other musician I know. So naturally, I was quite excited to learn he was releasing a new single today. 

As usual, Joe did not disappoint. “Separate Ways” is full of the traits that make Joe’s music so exceptional. The combination of folksy acoustic and bluesy electric guitars makes a perfect backdrop for Joe’s melodic voice. I’ve already hit the replay button quite a few times on this one.

Give “Separate Ways” a listen below!

Joe will be embarking on a UK headlining tour soon! Get tickets here.

Image via Joe Dolman

Song of the Week: Ego

Featured Image via Milky Chance

Back in December, I happened to see Milky Chance two days in a row. I had never heard of them before, but their performance captivated me. They played some new material off of their forthcoming album, Blossom, due March 17th. One of those songs was “Ego.” I was very happy when they released it as a single ahead of the album, because this song is a straight-up jam.

Milky Chance have one of the most unique sounds as a band, and it definitely comes through in this single. Stellar vocals and exceptional percussion make this track a true work of art.

Check out “Ego” below, and make sure to check out Blossom on March 17th!

Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

Not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day, or as we here at Adore like to call it “Singles Awareness Day.” (*facepalms*) So we made a playlist of songs for all of the people who cringe at the thought of February 14th. Whether you’re pining after an unrequited love or burning pictures of your ex, this playlist has a song for you.

Mandy’s picks

  • “Endlessly,” Muse: This song screams unrequited love. When I mentioned choosing this song to Danielle, she automatically said “so basically about (he who shall not be named), then.” Well, yeah.
  • “Hustle,” Sundara Karma: “You’re the devil in a push-up bra.” That pretty much sums up that song.
  • “Bonfire,” The Hunna: If you don’t scream along to “fuck your heart,” you’re doing it wrong.
  • “Permission Slip,” Mainland: “Buying wine and drinking all alone at night.” That pretty much sums up my Valentine’s Day.
  • “See How,” Coasts: This song is a heartbreaker. Possibly my favorite Coasts song, I’ve only seen it performed live once and it brought me to tears.

Danielle’s picks

  • “So What,” Pink: “So so what, I’m still a rockstar.” The lyrics say it all in this song. I don’t need a man to be fabulous this Valentine’s Day. 
  • “Gives You Hell,” The All-American Rejects: Could there be a better break-up anthem?
  • “Song For The Dumped,” Ben Folds Five: I guess that this one is kind of self explanatory. Also it’s very catchy. 
  • “Jar Of Hearts,” Christina Perri: Whilst all the songs on this list have been fairly upbeat with a “screw you” kind of attitude, heartbreak is kind of rough man and Christina Perri captures it perfectly.
  • “What The Hell,” Avril Lavigne: Very much like the Pink song, “What The Hell” feels like the perfect single’s anthem and is bursting with attitude.

Valentine’s Day Playlist

If you need some romantic songs to set the mood this Valentine’s Day, look no further than this playlist. What better way to express your love than through song?

Mandy’s picks

  • “Waves,” Sundara Karma: This song is nothing short of exotic. It’s so easy to get lost in the beautiful imagery of the lyrics and the sultry vocals. The marimba on this track is particularly captivating.
  • “Seeing Stars,” Børns: Pure, sweet pop. Børns’ angelic vocals bring this bouncy track to life.
  • “Lions,” Coasts: Seeing as how I have a line from this song tattooed on my leg, there was no way I could pass up including it in this playlist. “Love me to pieces.” That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right?
  • “I Want You,” Saint Raymond: “I want you, you know that.” This infectious track is the perfect way to tell that special someone how you feel about them.
  • “Sycamore Tree,” The Hunna: Ryan Potter’s vocals are the real star of this sweet track. Ranging from light and delicate to bold and powerful, Ryan sings of the unparalleled feeling of undying love.

Danielle’s picks

  • “As Long As I Need You,” Coasts: So many feels, so little time. There aren’t sufficient words to describe how much I love this song. Also it’s by Coasts so there’s that too. 
  • “I Won’t Give Up,” Jason Mraz: You know those songs that you just can’t help but sing along to when they come on? “I Won’t Give Up” is definitely one of those songs for me and it’s so beautiful, pure and heartfelt.
  • “Willow Tree,” Tom Speight: Whilst we’re talking of pure and heartfelt, who does that better than Tom Speight? This gorgeous duet has it all; lyrics that will melt your heart, beautiful harmonies and lots and lots of love.
  • “Thinking Out Loud,” Ed Sheeran: If you weren’t convinced that this was the perfect choice for your Valentine’s Day playlist before, then you need to get yourself over to YouTube and watch the video. “Thinking Out Loud” is sensual and totally gorgeous.
  • “Sugar,” Maroon 5: I’m putting on my dancing shoes with this last song. Everyone needs a little sweetness on v-day and this toe-tapping tune is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Dual Review: “Heart Starts Beating” US vs UK

Featured Image via Coasts

Coasts, a British five-piece hailing from Bristol, are known well in both the United Kingdom and the United States. In fact, they just happen to be not only my favorite band, but also Danielle’s favorite band. I’m from the US and Danielle is from the UK. So when we heard Coasts were set to release a new single today, we decided to try something a little different: a dual review. US vs UK. Let’s see how the band’s single holds up in both of these countries.

Mandy (US)

When I heard Coasts were going to release a new single complete with a music video, I was dying with anticipation to see what it would be like. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of your favorite band releasing new music. “Heart Starts Beating” did not let me down.

The video itself is aesthetically pleasing in every sense, flashing between the band playing in a drab, dilapidated warehouse and bright, vivid images such as flowers blooming and lions on the prowl. But let’s focus on the song itself.

Coasts are known for having arena-worthy pop anthems, and “Heart Starts Beating” certainly doesn’t fall short of that expectation. It’s impossible not to smile when you listen to it (or in my case, get goosebumps and tear up as well). The lyrics are hopeful and insanely relatable, something I find to be true with most of their songs. The vocals, delivered by frontman Chris Caines, are smooth and heartfelt as always. Completed by a catchy hook and a danceable beat, this song has got it all. It’s safe to say I’ll have “Heart Starts Beating” on repeat for a very long time.

Danielle (UK)

Well that was definitely worth waiting for!

The moment the teaser for “Heart Starts Beating” came out I knew that it was going to be a banger and I was was not wrong.

HSB has got that distinct “Coasts” sound that makes it instantly recognisable…or maybe that’s just because I’ve had it on repeat since the moment I woke up.

HSB is upbeat, catchy and totally dance worthy. Bringing together Chris Caines’ caramel smooth vocals, evocative lyrics and climatic beats with an explosive temperature and a tropical vibe.

The music video from High Time is filmed with the band set up in a misused warehouse which is a simple yet effective way of pushing all of your attention towards focussing on the song rather than onto the cinematography. However the montage of black and white clips is layered with apparently random imagery that highlight the colour red and the theme of “life.”

Listen to “Heart Starts Beating” below, or check out the video here.

Song of the Week: Supermassive Automatic

Featured Image via Kick The Robot

As Facebook’s “On This Day” feature kindly reminded me, I saw a band called Kick The Robot in Atlanta a little over a year ago. Thinking about their performance, a snippet of a song got stuck in my head. “Supermassive Automatic.” I couldn’t get it out of my head, not satisfied until I sat down and listened to the song (and admittedly the rest of the band’s catalogue).

This song has got it all. Exceptional guitar riffs. Thumping bass. Not to mention the catchy vocals in the chorus that you can’t help but try to imitate (and if you’re like me, fail miserably at it). 

Check out “Supermassive Automatic” below!

Song of the Week: Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)

Featured Image via Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump has always meant a great deal to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Fall Out Boy. But solo Patrick Stump will always be better to me.

One of Patrick’s first solo songs, “Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia),” was my favorite song for quite a few years. Heck, I even quoted it in my high school graduation speech. I was scrolling through my music the other day and came across it, memories from years ago flooding back to me. It’s quite frankly one of the most inspirational songs I’ve ever heard (and it’s got a super inspiring video to boot). One day I hope solo Patrick will return, bringing back his incomparable style.

Check out the video for “Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)” below!