Dual Review: “Heart Starts Beating” US vs UK

Featured Image via Coasts

Coasts, a British five-piece hailing from Bristol, are known well in both the United Kingdom and the United States. In fact, they just happen to be not only my favorite band, but also Danielle’s favorite band. I’m from the US and Danielle is from the UK. So when we heard Coasts were set to release a new single today, we decided to try something a little different: a dual review. US vs UK. Let’s see how the band’s single holds up in both of these countries.

Mandy (US)

When I heard Coasts were going to release a new single complete with a music video, I was dying with anticipation to see what it would be like. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of your favorite band releasing new music. “Heart Starts Beating” did not let me down.

The video itself is aesthetically pleasing in every sense, flashing between the band playing in a drab, dilapidated warehouse and bright, vivid images such as flowers blooming and lions on the prowl. But let’s focus on the song itself.

Coasts are known for having arena-worthy pop anthems, and “Heart Starts Beating” certainly doesn’t fall short of that expectation. It’s impossible not to smile when you listen to it (or in my case, get goosebumps and tear up as well). The lyrics are hopeful and insanely relatable, something I find to be true with most of their songs. The vocals, delivered by frontman Chris Caines, are smooth and heartfelt as always. Completed by a catchy hook and a danceable beat, this song has got it all. It’s safe to say I’ll have “Heart Starts Beating” on repeat for a very long time.

Danielle (UK)

Well that was definitely worth waiting for!

The moment the teaser for “Heart Starts Beating” came out I knew that it was going to be a banger and I was was not wrong.

HSB has got that distinct “Coasts” sound that makes it instantly recognisable…or maybe that’s just because I’ve had it on repeat since the moment I woke up.

HSB is upbeat, catchy and totally dance worthy. Bringing together Chris Caines’ caramel smooth vocals, evocative lyrics and climatic beats with an explosive temperature and a tropical vibe.

The music video from High Time is filmed with the band set up in a misused warehouse which is a simple yet effective way of pushing all of your attention towards focussing on the song rather than onto the cinematography. However the montage of black and white clips is layered with apparently random imagery that highlight the colour red and the theme of “life.”

Listen to “Heart Starts Beating” below, or check out the video here.


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