Song of the Week: In Currents

Featured Image via The Early November

When I was still in college, I frequently visited the local Hot Topic. Sure, I love their merchandise, but to be quite frank I only went so much because I had a crush on one of the cashiers there. One day, to make conversation, I asked him if there was any new music I should check out. With enthusiasm, he told me about an album that had just been released by one of his favorite bands, The Early November. I left with a copy of In Currents, and I listened to it non-stop in an effort to have something to talk about with the cashier the next time I visited.

What I bought on a whim shortly became one of my favorite albums. The title track, “In Currents,” definitely stands out. Starting out with heavy kickdrum and Ace’s mellow vocals, the track builds up into an insanely catchy chorus, during which Ace’s voice takes on a certain raw quality that makes it that much more appealing. It’s all you could hope for in a rock song.

In short, thanks to the guy at Hot Topic that I had a crush on for inadvertently introducing me to one of my favorite bands.

Check out the electrifying video for “In Currents” below!


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