Space Babe Impress With New Single ‘Goodbye To Love’

Featured image via Space Babe

Manchester has provided us with some of the world’s greatest bands and now we have ‘Space Babe’ who have just released ‘Goodbye To Love’.

This song features a lyrically strong storyline that is affecting and meets you at heart level, navigating the entirety of the song. With a slow tempo driving the track forward, you cannot help but be swept off your feet by this release. Furthermore, Zac Lyons and Nicole Battick have created a truly unique, soulful pop sound with commercial production characteristics. 

Not one to shy away from creating a catchy track, Space Babe have created a song which is relatable to so many. The vocals demonstrate a vulnerability in places with heart break being the main topic of dialogue. This being said, deep emotion cuts through the entire song.

In contrary to its sorrow theme the band have created an optimistic outlook on a relationship ending. One which is described clearly by Nicole who explains the fact that even though a relationship may have deteriorated, that love is still there. 

There is no doubt that Manchester has one of the best music scenes in the U.K and SpaceBabe appear to have adopted a sound which will carry them onto a global platform while remaining humble to their Manchester routes. 

Listen to ‘Goodbye To Love’ here.

Lilac Melt Release Atmospheric New EP

Featured image via Lilac Melt

The month of December is all about giving and Scottish indie rock band, Lilac Melt have given plenty with this incredible self-titled release. I have been hooked on this release since my first listen and it is clear to see why this band are making giant steps since their formation in early 2018.

Lilac Melt’s signature sound truly thrives on this release with big atmospheric reverbs being heard throughout. Lead vocalist Katherine Aly takes you on an empowering trip and the striking guitars and beefy drums complement Katherine’s unique and strong vocals perfectly.

Image via Lilac Melt

A track which really stood out to me was ‘Oxidise’, a song with an attractive melody which tells the story about subjectivity in singular and collective contexts. It is clear to see why this was the debut single from the band because it really showcases what this band is all about.

Lilac Melt may have shaped what could be one of the most stand out dream pop releases of 2018 and they are a band who I am keeping a close eye on. I will be very keen to see how they progress into 2019.

Listen to ‘Oxidise’ from their self-titled EP here.