Sofia Evangelina Stands Up with New Single

Featured image via Sofia Evangelina

‘This Is Your Song’ is the new release from Canadian song writer Sofia Evangelina. A song which delivers a strong message that you have the power to stand up.

The track which features an unforgivable catchy chorus hook ‘You Have All The Power’ starts with a well constructed anthemic intro followed by Sofia’s Ariana Grande style vocals greeting you with astonishment.  That being said, it is not often you hear a song of such power being released from an artist as young as 16 years of age.

Image via Sofia Evangelina

Furthermore, Sofia is becoming a flawless role model for her millennial generation and her vocal flair and pop themed tracks make her inimitable yet relevant in today’s ever competitive global music market. On another note, Sofia’s lyrical tongue is not one to be sniffed at with  lyrics like ‘You got to stand up, you got to stay strong’ really motivating the listener to achieve great success.

Sofia who has been travelling around the world in recent years is becoming a very mature artist at a surprisingly fast rate. With releases like ‘This Is Your Song’ already blasting out on countless radio stations across the world, it cannot be doubted that Sofia could be on the way to world stardom status.

Listen to ‘This Is Your Song’ here.


Joe Dolman Announces March UK Tour

Featured Image via Joe Dolman

One of our favorite artists here at Adore, Joe Dolman, has just announced a March UK tour consisting of five dates. The first four dates will be full band shows.

Image via Joe Dolman

Joe is an extremely talented and charismatic performer. At just 22 years old, his ability to captivate a crowd is truly incredible. These shows are not to be missed! (I’m only missing them because I’m stuck across the pond.) Tickets go on sale at 9am GMT on January 13th, so make sure to snag yours before they sell out!

Check out one of Joe’s recent releases, “I Think It’s Strange” here. (It just hit a quarter of a million streams on Spotify!)