Bright And Sunny ‘Mad Love’

M.R.J., the London-based pop artist, has released his bright and sunny single last year, ‘Mad Love’.  The track captures the languishing groove of summer and with stellar production anchoring it beautifully, its instantly a track to crush on.  The critically-acclaimed singer fashions something truly sparkling with the single.  

M.R.J. is undeniably talented and his music really speaks for itself.  His previous songs have racked up over 100k streams, and marked him as one to follow.  M. R. J. has developed a fresh sound that is easy to latch onto.  His music has a familiar feel yet is completely new, taking an even more contemporary view on what modern pop music consists of.  Not unexpectedly, he has caught the attention of BBC Introducing and Record Of The Day.  The buzz is building around M. R. J. and plenty are waiting to hear what he devises next.

With this most recent release, ‘Mad Love’, M.R.J establishes something clever with this track.  It is drenched in plenty of synthy layers punctuated with solid hooks.  It is an altogether banging track, having been polished with great production, generating a pop sensation to linger in.  M.R. J. delivers muscular and expressive vocals to twist the pop feel a bit more, making the track something stronger.  Producer Dan Thomas has now also released a dance mix of the single, which looks to top the success of M. R. J.’s previous single, ‘Water’, released in 2016, a track that is still grabbing tons of plays today.  Definitely one not to miss!

Currently working on new material, M. R. J. will no doubt cement his well-earned place in today’s music industry in the coming months.  He is definitely an artist to keep track of, knowing the eminent success in his near future!

2019’S Newest Grunge Band

Via Facebook

The stellar grunge pop band, Black Spring, now based in Brighton, released their blistering debut single recently, ‘Act My Age’.  There is plenty of raucous, strong guitar riffs and the requisite grit with this track.  The band knows what it is to be grunge to claim ownership with it! 

The band met at Canterbury College and collectively decided a move to Brighton would lend the right chemistry while crafting the ethos of the band, as many bands have found a home there for a similar reason. Brighton provides the ideal place to grow and find your artistic voice for many bands.  So, the guys built there base and grew their following there. Without question, it proved to be a fortuitous move for them. 

The group have said that they found inspiration with bands such as the Foo Fighters, Pixies, Artic Monkeys, Neck Deep and Nirvana. Black Spring have then taken that influence and made something new and wholly their own, developing and honing a modern grunge pop sound.  They have their own separate and individual identity and occupy that space as artists completely.  

The track has been produced by Ed John at Park Studios, and the final sound of ‘Act My Age’ demonstrates the originality and top quality songwriting have proven themselves with.  Straight in, the guitar is fired at you and with lead singer Sam Glen’s giant vocals and the strength and immediacy in the drums and bass, it’s an epic grunge sound.  The track echoes all of the hallmarks of grunge without inhabiting a dark, dark place too dreary for listeners.  The track doesn’t stagnate in the pop genre sound either, it strikes a balance making it widely appealing. What’s for certain, is that if grungy pop is what you crave, this is a band to follow and get on your playlists.  

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