An Orange Conspiracy Do Not Disappoint With ‘Feelin Fine’

Scottish rocking band, An Orange Conspiracy, have recently released their killer single, ‘Feelin Fine’.  Taken straight out of their wonderful debut EP, AOC, the track, which has been created by this band of brothers, is one track you don’t want to miss.

Ricki, Leo and Casey Galea, who make up AOC, debuted their EP in late 2018, a year that was full of breakthroughs for the brothers three.  Their music rotates and capitulates seamlessly between grunge, blues and even hints at psychedelica.  This single is the first release from that stunning new EP as well. With the intense energy at their sell-out shows and the equally generous support and endorsements, this band are an easy favourite to find on your playlist.   So, this new single, ‘Feelin Fine’ will definitely not be one to disappoint.  The brothers find inspiration from bands like Nirvana, The Black Keys and even a bit of Led Zeppelin to name but a few.  However, this band create their own unique and claiming talent of their own and to themselves, with only a hint of a nod to their stated influences.

‘Feelin Fine’ comments openly and narratively on modern life, delivered through infectiously catchy melodies with grit and evocative passion. With layer upon layer of sound cranked out by riffy, bluesy guitars, a bass line driving straight through it like a freight train, and a backing drum beat that anchors the track between laid back and powerhouse, this song is going to be a solid favourite with anyone who loves a strong, rock sound and tune.    

The band will be on tour in the UK in February so be sure to catch them and the stand out new single, they are ones to watch. 

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