Drakmah Set To Take The Scene By Storm

Drakmah, The electronic group from London, have just released their most recent single, ‘Hear’, extracted from their outstanding EP, ‘Storyteller’.  The track has all the elements of the electronic sound told through an alternative lens making a composite of energy.

With this latest single, ‘Hear’, the band’s given talent has shone through as they delve into the depths of creativity.  With a storming bassline couple with loads of creative synth, this single will grab you attention.  The vocals definitely don’t disappoint.  They summon great passion in their delivery making the whole track captivating and engaging.

From Naples originally, but now calling London home, Drakmah put out a unique blend of electronic indie sound mixed with hints of alternative.  Giving credit to their influences of Alt-J, Pink Floyd and Flume along with others, the band are constantly innovating their sound to include a host of styles.  They also incorporate many instruments to produce music that challenges the boundaries and limits of sound experimentation.

Drakmah are set to take the music scene by storm and are definitely ones to watch.  Make sure not to miss them or their new release, you will be glad you did.

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