Twister Release Rocking Track ’64 White Lies’

Looking for some high-energy rock to shake things up? Then, Twister, the UK based killer rockers are the band for you.  They have just released their latest single ’64 White Lies’.  It’s a rocking track that is one to have on repeat.

Their latest single, ’64 White Lies’, is absolutely crammed with guitar riffs and original hooks, with accents of prog rock that are levelled out with plenty of grit.  The production is flawless too, yet still delivers the crafty skills of the band.  They never faulter on showmanship either and deliver it completely with every live show.   

Twister are the stand out rock band from Durham, UK.  They have carved a reputation by way of their creative music, stratified with searing guitars and clever melodies, as well as their live shows that they pour all of their heart and energy into. They have received praise from bands like Status Quo, Surface Unsigned and Kerrang! Radio’s Johnny Doom, who has labelled the band as “one to watch”. 

If you crave music that will rock you and leave you wanting more, Twister is a band to follow and you will love their new single, ’64 White Lies’.

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