Album Review: Bloom by Troye Sivan

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Last week, Troye Sivan released his sophomore album, Bloom. Coming almost three years after the release of Blue Neighbourhood, Bloom showcases Troye’s… well… blooming. Troye’s personal and musical maturity since Blue Neighbourhood is evident, not only from the songs but also the cover art.

Image via Troye Sivan

The very first track, “Seventeen,” touches on a young man’s sexual awakening. “The Good Side” is a heartbreaking ballad full of remorse and regret from a failed relationship. “Plum” tells the story of outgrowing a relationship and needing to move on from it. Troye delivers flawless vocals in “Postcard,” a stripped back track full of longing and desire.

While Troye does touch on more sensitive topics, Bloom also features some of the pure pop goodness that he’s known for. “My My My!” and “Bloom” are nothing short of bangers. “Dance To This” and “Lucky Strike” have more of a lowkey vibe to them, but are still bops nonetheless.

When it comes down to it, I can honestly say without hesitation that Bloom is the best album released this year. It has a certain cohesiveness that holds it together as a whole, yet the tracks all maintain their own unique feel. It is quite literally Troye blooming into a more mature musician and giving us a breathtaking sophomore album.

Listen to Bloom below!


Saying Goodbye To Coasts: “The Love You Can’t Replace”

I never thought I would be writing these words so soon. I didn’t think this would be happening yet. Ever since I first saw the news the words that I keep muttering are “I thought I had more time.”

Anyone who knows me at all knows that there is one thing that I cherish more than anything in the world, one band that has my whole entire heart. That band is Coasts. This morning I woke up to messages containing broken heart emojis and exclamations of disbelief. Full of dread I opened my social media to see the news that my favorite band was breaking up. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

I’m not quite sure how to put into words how this feels. Saying it’s comparable to the loss of a loved one feels dramatic, but it honestly feels like I am losing a part of my life. Every single day I wear a Coasts guitar pick around my neck. My handles on my socials are mandycoasts. I have two Coasts tattoos. They are such a huge part of my life. Even if they don’t know it, they have given me the happiest moments of my life and their music has been there for me during the worst times. The thought that I’ll never see them again is so painful. Their shows were my happy place.

Behind the band were five amazing men. Chris, Liam, James, David and Ben. Each mean more to me than I can express. I lived for what I called Chris’ “diva entrances” during “Wallow” at the beginning of shows. While I may call it a diva entrance, Chris is far from a diva. He is one of the most humble and caring men I have ever met, not to mention an incredible showman with some wicked dance moves. Liam was always working hard to make sure that everything went smoothly, which made the moments when he let loose and had fun on stage that much better. There was a great sense of humor beneath that serious facade. James (or Jim, as I usually call him) is so amazingly sweet. He’s always there with a smile and a hug and he’s always able to make me laugh. I always loved watching David during their shows. He always got so into the music, whether it was a banger or a ballad, and it was absolutely captivating to watch. My second Coasts tattoo is in his handwriting. Finally, Ben is the free spirit of the band. He’s a very passionate man with a zest for life. While he does have a wild streak, he is always very caring. He was the first member I ever really spoke to. My first tattoo is in his handwriting. I love all five of them equally and they all hold special places in my heart. I also have a lot of love for Matt. While he was never an official member of Coasts, he did play with them for all of the tours I saw them on except the last, on which he did sound. He was always stuck in the back corner of the stage, but he always put so much energy into the sets. I loved to watch him play. He was always an official member to me.

Through them I have also met some amazing friends. Friends from different states and different countries who I would not have met otherwise. When I say Coasts fans are the best fans in the world, I truly mean it. Who else would open their home to a stranger from another country and take them to Coasts shows? Who else would fly to meet up with me to go on a last minute adventure to see them? I’ve never met any fans as kind as Coasts fans.

So, the question remains: where do I go from here? While it pains me that I won’t be able to make it to their farewell tour, at least I have the memories. I have the memories of all 25 shows I have been blessed enough to go to. I have the memories of doing merch for them at some of those shows. I have the memories of all the hugs and laughs. I have the memories of all the times I’ve broken down crying on some of them (not my proudest moments). And most of all, I have the memories of how they made me feel. The line “you make me feel like I’m holding onto something real” always meant a lot to me because they were what kept me holding on. And believe me when I say that Coasts are “the love you can’t replace.” Nothing will ever be able to replace my love for them. At least I still have the music and the memories.

Thank you for everything.

2015, Columbia, SC (my first Coasts show)

2016, Columbus, OH

2017, Manchester, UK

2018, Boston, MA

Summer 2018 Playlist ðŸŒž

While it may already feel like summer here in North Carolina (trust me, it’s sweltering), the official start of summer isn’t until tomorrow. And what would summer be without some great tunes to go with it? We’ve got you covered here at Adore with a playlist full of bops to jam to all summer long.

1. Nice Guy–courtship.

2. You Could Have Been The One–Coasts

3. Video Sunshine–Knox Hamilton

4. Drown–Kovic

5. Younger–Saint Raymond

6. Faded Heart–BØRNS

7. Carolina–Harry Styles

8. Something Beautiful–Joe Dolman

9. Summer–The Hunna

10. CIA–New Politics

11. Dead Young–Only The Poets

12. My My My!–Troye Sivan

13. Wolves (You Got Me)–DREAMERS

14. What Do I Know?–Ed Sheeran

15. Freshbloom–Sundara Karma

16. Favorite Record–Fall Out Boy

17. The Sound–The 1975

18. Sit Next To Me–Foster The People

19. Heartbreaker–Bad Suns

20. Honeybee–PUBLIC

Denial In Paradise: courtship. release the album of the summer

Featured Image via courtship.

Debut albums are an important landmark in a band’s career. It’s a first impression, the first chance to make a real statement about what kind of band you want to be. Pop duo courtship. just released their debut album, Denial In Paradise, and what an impression they have made.

Denial In Paradise is 27 minutes of feel good bops. Micah’s silky falsetto paired with synth-soaked melodies makes this the perfect album for summer. So go ahead, open up the sunroof (*wink wink*) and blast it on your way to the beach or have your own private dance party in your living room. No matter where you are or what you are doing when you listen to this album, it is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Check out Denial In Paradise below!

Review: “Close To Home” by Joe Dolman

Featured Image via Joe Dolman

Joe Dolman, a 21 year old singer/songwriter from Leamington Spa, just released his new single “Close To Home.” I’ve heard about this song for a very long time now, but wasn’t sure what to expect from it. It was far from anything I could have imagined.

I could use any number of words to try to describe this song. Heartbreaking, poignant, tearjerker. Just plain sad. But the fact is that no words can come close enough to really describing the emotions this song evokes. Joe tells the heart-wrenching story of someone suffering from dementia. His soulful voice delivers the moving lyrics with incredible passion, pairing perfectly with the soft acoustic track.

No matter how many times I listen to “Close To Home,” I always tear up. Even if I manage to make it through most of the track, the last line gets me every single time. Joe has painted a tragically beautiful picture of living with dementia. It’s a song that sheds light on a serious subject that very few artists would choose to focus on. This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill pop song engineered for radio play. It’s serious. It’s real. It’s life.

In short, “Close To Home” is a very powerful track crammed full of emotions. Grab a box of tissues before you take a listen. You’ll need them.

Check out the video for “Close To Home” below. It features people sharing their stories of how dementia has affected their lives.

You can also listen on Spotify here.

Valentine’s Day 2018 Playlist

Whether or not you’re actually celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, everyone can appreciate a good love song. Here are a few of our favorites.

Mandy’s Picks:

Danielle’s Picks:

Song of the Week: Wallow (And Why It Means So Much To Me)

So if you know anything about me at all, you know about my love for Coasts. And you probably know that “Wallow” is my favorite song. You’ve probably even heard me fuss about it not being in their set anymore. Now, “Wallow” is an absolutely incredible song. It has umph. It’s one of the few songs in Coasts’ repertoire that lies more on the rock spectrum. It builds intensity with a fade-in then slaps you in the face when it kicks in full force. Chris Caines belts out the catchy lyrics, backed perfectly by bone-rattling percussion and impeccable guitar riffs. And just as the song comes to a climax, it fades out just as quietly as it came in. Perfection.

“Wallow” really speaks for itself. The first time I ever saw Coasts, nearly three years ago, I had no idea who they were and had never heard their music. Their performance of “Wallow” made me think “Hey, I need to pay attention to this band. They’re something special.” It quickly became my favorite song of theirs. But over time I’ve come to have a deeper connection with it. For my first 14 Coasts shows, they always opened with “Wallow.” The fade-in would begin, and every member but Chris would take the stage and play the buildup. As soon as the song really kicked in, Chris would pop out. The perfect entrance. You see, I’ve come to associate “Wallow” with the feeling of seeing my favorite band take the stage. The chills I would feel as soon as I would hear the opening notes. The sheer joy of seeing each of the members come out on stage to start the show, all of my stress just melting away. Coasts shows are my happy place, and “Wallow” takes me back to that. No matter where I listen to it, just for the briefest moment I’m transported back to my happy place. I get a small taste of that euphoria I feel when seeing them live.

I don’t expect everyone to understand how a song can have such a deep impact on someone. Not everyone has experienced that. But everyone deserves to feel that sensation of pure happiness. Not everyone will get it from music or live shows. But no matter who you are, no matter where it may come from, I hope you find your Coasts. I hope you find your “Wallow.”

Check out “Wallow” below.