SOSLA Defines The Way With ‘Minderaser’

Austin, Texas is a city with deep musical roots and hosts a large music community.  So, it is no surprise that up-and-coming DJ and producer, SOSLA, originates from such a place.  The DJ has recently released the banging new single, ‘Minderaser’.  It’s a stunning base house track that dance music fans around the world will find themselves drawn to.

Real name Erik Saucedo, SOSLA has defined the way to produce creative, inspired and unique base house music to fill the dance floor. He has said he finds inspiration from other artists such as Jauz, Valentino Khan, Joyryde along with many others, who incited him to start his own musical journey into the style of bass house tracks.  Unsurprisingly, his natural style and clever technique create hard, fast-paced tracks that are soaked in loads of energetic mix, which he describes as ‘music to play at the very height of a rave to get people moving!’ His remix of Ariana Grande’s ‘God Is A Woman’ brought him huge attention and got him 113K streams of that track alone.  That success led to him making regular appearances DJing in the Texan EDM scene, indicating that SOSLA’s next release would be all that more highly anticipated. 

Following that success, ‘Minderaser’ doesn’t disappoint.  At its core, the track screams its anthemic vibe, and delivers such a straightforward, solid bass line layered with a stunning beat. With such polished production, uplifting tone, and pumping energy throughout the whole track, this is definitely a floor-filler and one to be adored by all who love dance music.   

If dance music makes your heart quicken, EDM is your home, then this is the track, and artist are for you.  SOSLA will be spreading the message of EDM globally so be sure to follow this and future tracks as they soar to the top of dance charts.

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Twister Release Rocking Track ’64 White Lies’

Looking for some high-energy rock to shake things up? Then, Twister, the UK based killer rockers are the band for you.  They have just released their latest single ’64 White Lies’.  It’s a rocking track that is one to have on repeat.

Their latest single, ’64 White Lies’, is absolutely crammed with guitar riffs and original hooks, with accents of prog rock that are levelled out with plenty of grit.  The production is flawless too, yet still delivers the crafty skills of the band.  They never faulter on showmanship either and deliver it completely with every live show.   

Twister are the stand out rock band from Durham, UK.  They have carved a reputation by way of their creative music, stratified with searing guitars and clever melodies, as well as their live shows that they pour all of their heart and energy into. They have received praise from bands like Status Quo, Surface Unsigned and Kerrang! Radio’s Johnny Doom, who has labelled the band as “one to watch”. 

If you crave music that will rock you and leave you wanting more, Twister is a band to follow and you will love their new single, ’64 White Lies’.

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Brazier Finds Inspiration From The Stunning Locations Of Cornwall

Cornish-born songwriter, Brazier, has recently released is latest impressive single,’ Holding On’.  With vocals provided by Lydia Dudfield coupled with a cool beat to move to, this track will surely be on the charts.  

Brazier admits has found inspiration for his music in the stunning locations of Cornwall, an endless source for him.  His passion for music is clearly massive and his ability to cross musical genres makes him a unique songwriter amongst his contemporaries.   

With the passionate delivery of vocals from Lydia Dudfield shining through it, ‘Holding On’ is instantly a hit.  Brazier offers that bands such as The 1975 and Walk The Moon have lent him inspiration and this is comes through clearly in the funky guitar sound as well as the upbeat rhythms from the off.  Plus, the lyrics are cleverly drawn.  They go over the common story of working for the man and the money, all the while pursuing something more, something that fulfils the deeper needs of the soul. Combining all the brilliance of the musicality, the lyrical gravitas and quality vocals, this track just cannot miss.

Brazier has received radio play from the BBC Introducing and has hit the number two spot on the ReverbNation Pop Charts, and now is releasing his follow up to that, this latest single, ‘Holding On’ which will be sure to find the same successes.

So, if you are looking for a modern pop sound with plenty of heart, then this is track for you.  To be sure, Brazier is one artist to keep an eye in the coming months of 2019.

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Drakmah Set To Take The Scene By Storm

Drakmah, The electronic group from London, have just released their most recent single, ‘Hear’, extracted from their outstanding EP, ‘Storyteller’.  The track has all the elements of the electronic sound told through an alternative lens making a composite of energy.

With this latest single, ‘Hear’, the band’s given talent has shone through as they delve into the depths of creativity.  With a storming bassline couple with loads of creative synth, this single will grab you attention.  The vocals definitely don’t disappoint.  They summon great passion in their delivery making the whole track captivating and engaging.

From Naples originally, but now calling London home, Drakmah put out a unique blend of electronic indie sound mixed with hints of alternative.  Giving credit to their influences of Alt-J, Pink Floyd and Flume along with others, the band are constantly innovating their sound to include a host of styles.  They also incorporate many instruments to produce music that challenges the boundaries and limits of sound experimentation.

Drakmah are set to take the music scene by storm and are definitely ones to watch.  Make sure not to miss them or their new release, you will be glad you did.

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An Orange Conspiracy Do Not Disappoint With ‘Feelin Fine’

Scottish rocking band, An Orange Conspiracy, have recently released their killer single, ‘Feelin Fine’.  Taken straight out of their wonderful debut EP, AOC, the track, which has been created by this band of brothers, is one track you don’t want to miss.

Ricki, Leo and Casey Galea, who make up AOC, debuted their EP in late 2018, a year that was full of breakthroughs for the brothers three.  Their music rotates and capitulates seamlessly between grunge, blues and even hints at psychedelica.  This single is the first release from that stunning new EP as well. With the intense energy at their sell-out shows and the equally generous support and endorsements, this band are an easy favourite to find on your playlist.   So, this new single, ‘Feelin Fine’ will definitely not be one to disappoint.  The brothers find inspiration from bands like Nirvana, The Black Keys and even a bit of Led Zeppelin to name but a few.  However, this band create their own unique and claiming talent of their own and to themselves, with only a hint of a nod to their stated influences.

‘Feelin Fine’ comments openly and narratively on modern life, delivered through infectiously catchy melodies with grit and evocative passion. With layer upon layer of sound cranked out by riffy, bluesy guitars, a bass line driving straight through it like a freight train, and a backing drum beat that anchors the track between laid back and powerhouse, this song is going to be a solid favourite with anyone who loves a strong, rock sound and tune.    

The band will be on tour in the UK in February so be sure to catch them and the stand out new single, they are ones to watch. 

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Home State Deliver ‘Tried To Stay’ With Plenty Of Passion And Conviction

The New York based band, Home State, have recently released their outstanding new single, ‘Tried To Stay’, a stunning pop/synthy track that has definitely been dressed for success.

Home State came together in Brooklyn in 2015 and found whippet-fast success with their critically acclaimed debut single,’ Without Your Love’, which was featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and US Viral 50 Chart.  Crafting a blend of pop tinging with a hint of rock, all balanced through their own talented musical scope, Home State have anchored themselves deep into the US music scene as ones to watch.  With this newest release, they will surely fortify their position in the music scene and spread their musical offerings far and wide across any country divide.

‘Tried To Stay’ has every component for a solid hit single. Frontman Alex Friedlanger delivers the song with plenty of passion and conviction.  Banked with electrifying synthesizers that ooze 80’s styled sound but keep the track grounded and envelope the listener in their clever sounds all the while the cranking beat drives you through the song straight from the off.  

Home State are easily a band to get into, so, if  ice-cool pop with a powerful beat is what you are after, look no further, you have found home.  

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Red Back Light Paint An EDM Paradise For The Senses

Synth Rock Duo, Red Back Light, have released their stand out single, ‘Nothing I Can Do’, an energy soaked, full of strength track taken from the duo’s stunning 2017 EP, ‘No More Memories’.  Red Back Light are a pair from Montevideo, Uruguay, producing a original, synthy sound with definite rock undertones, finding solid pace with each track. Crediting inspiration from groups such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, St Vincent and Gorillaz, Red Back Light’s music has found a basis in the dark and moody for their creations.

The duo found great success with their debut EP, and this single is sure to find equal success because of its brilliance.  ‘No More Memories’ is proof positive of their firm grasp on their talented musicality.  The edgier and solemn themes are portrayed through plenty of complex and creative melodic arrangements.  Adding to that the accomplished and polished production, which is topped full of eclectic final details, and the aimed drums with stellar guitars all anchored by a solid bass line.  It all comes together in a melting pot divining a beautiful electric landscape, mixed to perfection and churning out a great tune.  The duo have crafted something solid here and know their genre well, finding success with ease and something to attach to.  

They blend their sound perfectly and with the punch of modern pop added for variation on a theme.  It’s intelligent, twisting and paints an EDM paradise for the senses.  

‘No More Memories’ is unique and marks Red Back Light as one to follow. They will surely find a place in your playlist!

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Laura Airaksinen Delivers True Emotion With ‘Tonight’

Finland based singer-songwriter, Laura Airaksinen, has just released her gifted new single, ‘Tonight’.   It is an accomplished song with solid influences of soul, jazz and pop music.

Laura is a songwriter living in Fiskars, Finland. Her music has gathered strength from jazz, soul, folk and pop, which is evident in her new single.   All of her music has been recorded with top musicians from all over the world, including live strings, horns, choirs and more. Exploring deep subjects of love, desire, long-distance relationships and the unpredictability of life and love, her expertly crafted lyrics are the driving force behind many of her songs.

Her latest single, ‘Tonight’, is a heartfelt song that delivers true emotion. The melodies and harmonies gather together perfectly. The production is stellar too, the track is full of live instruments that deliver an authenticity which are often lacking in modern pop music. From start to finish, this single is an excellent showcase of Laura’s innate musical talent. 

If you are seeking well-crafted, abundant musical quality, Laura Airaksinen’s latest single, ‘Tonight’, is the track for you.  

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Blue Statue One Of The Most Exciting New Bands In London

Blue Statue, the alternative indie band from North London, recently released not just one, but two shiny new tracks which are off their recent self-titled EP.  The two stunning tracks, ‘The Scent Has The Air’ and ‘Womb Wave’ signal their firm hold on their gritty style, and are bolstered by their indie which they revel in and rightly so.  

With their track, ‘The Scent Has The Air’, the vocals are fierce and eager lending to the track ably, the immense guitar sound angling alongside with the vocalese of the frontman.  Given the edgy and granular texture to the song, it is all the accomplished that the production has left it somehow finished clean and not left to be murky or thick.  This can be the case for other bands in this genre, to have too much rawness or an unfinished nature to them but not here. The track feels like the music has been wound through the machinations of their grunge spectrum, showing its insides out, evidencing something truly genuine.

The band have had great success so far by having radio play from BBC Introducing and working with the legendary producer Joe Foster.  This has indeed made them one of the most exciting new bands in the London indie and rock scenes.  There are vast sounds and grandeur to their tracks which makes them stellar. The band has defined their music as a fusion of ‘the noisier side of indie’ and yet ‘the grungier side of punk’. That does really encapsulate how they come across, and the product of that mindset has created immense riffs and chords, and a fresh landscape of sound to inhabit for their fans. 

Without question, this band are going far on this journey they are on, so, if indie rock is where your heart lies, this is a band you will quickly find a place with.

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Sam Kingswood Speaks Of The Ills Of Today’s Society with New Release

Essex based rapper and producer, Sam Kingswood, recently released his brand-new single, ‘NeanderFools’ a politically charged and strong hip-hop track that speaks of the ills of today’s society.  Based in Southend-On-Sea, Sam is highly accomplished rapper and producer, crafting a sound meant to enrich your mind as well as something to move to. 

This latest track, ‘NeanderFools’, is a purposeful and unwavering commentary on the modern world and the state it finds itself in today.  With a feature of Cardo in it and a deep, quality old-school beat stratified under and anchoring the lyrics, old and new fans will find this track one to keep on repeat.  Sam’s lyrics, which in themselves are unwavering and fearless in their pragmatism, are a stunning component to an already mega cool beat. The track just has so many elements to attach to and find favour with.   There is plenty of clever fleshing out through the use of the lyrics that truly add the flourish to this track on top of an already substantial baseline. 

Sam states his influences range from artists such as Miles Davis to Lil Wayne, giving him an a extraordinary mix of inspiration and a great impetus to create and master his musical sound.  He uses his own experience along with the troubles of modern life to generate his lyrics.  There isn’t a subject he shies away from tackling via the medium of his music.  Sam finds an outlet with his music and his tracks to address the challenges of modern life. 

If you are looking for rap that stimulates, garners more thought and gives you pause to consider and feel beyond the beat, this track and this artist are for you.  Be sure to follow Sam Kingswood on his upward trajectory.  You will not be disappointed!