Song of the Week: Explore

Featured Image via Sundara Karma

On Friday, one of my favorite bands, Sundara Karma, released a new track called “Explore.” An addition to their debut album, Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect, “Explore” is pure gold. This track is dope. It’s disco meets funk meets indie rock. Oscar Lulu’s one-of-a-kind voice is accompanied by groovy guitar riffs, backup vocals fit for a gospel choir and LOADS of cowbell (you can never have too much cowbell). And who can forget the eloquent lyrics only the brain of Oscar Lulu could dream up? This track will have you up and dancing in no time.

Check out “Explore” below!

Song of the Week: Hysteria

Featured Image via Muse

One of the most solid albums, start to finish, that I have ever heard is Absolution by Muse. While it’s hard to pick a favorite track, “Hysteria” is definitely a contender.

From the very beginning, “Hysteria” grabs listeners’ attention with a heavy bass line. Matthew Bellamy’s flawless vocals pair well with the grungy instrumentals, making this angsty track stand out from its fellow 2000s alt rock songs. 

Check out “Hysteria” below!

Song of the Week: The Truth

Featured Image via Foster The People

Words can be powerful. On their own, in a sentence, in a song. It’s all about how you use them. The right combination of words, formed into lyrics, can create a song powerful enough to move listeners emotionally and have a lasting impact on all who hear it. 

“The Truth” by Foster The People is without a doubt one of the most powerful songs to have ever been written. Mark Foster delivers the touching and reflective lyrics with intense raw emotion. I don’t think anyone could listen to this song without being moved in some way.

Listen to “The Truth” below.

Song of the Week: Galway Girl

Featured Image via Ed Sheeran

Thanks to a friend convincing me to listen to him (you know who you are), I have finally jumped on the Ed Sheeran bandwagon. I started off with his latest album, Divide, a true gem from start to finish.

One of the more standout songs on the album is “Galway Girl.” My favorite element of the track would have to be the fiddles, infusing traditional Irish music with modern day pop. The insanely catchy chorus will easily get stuck in your head after just one listen.

Check out “Galway Girl” below!  

Song of the Week: Happy Family

There are few songs that move me to tears every time I hear them. “Happy Family” by Sundara Karma is at the top of that list. It’s practically impossible for me to make it through the song without my eyes at least getting misty.

A poignant piece, “Happy Family” shatters the idyllic image of perfect family life. “Were we ever happy acting in a family role?” Frontman Oscar Lulu’s vocals are nothing short of breathtaking as he delivers the sorrowful lyrics.

Check out the video for “Happy Family” below.

Song of the Week: The River

Featured Image via Saint Raymond

A few months ago, a friend suggested that I listen to Saint Raymond. “You love Coasts, so I think you’ll love Saint Raymond.” So on my lunch break I pulled him up on Spotify and I was immediately hooked. I left work that day having downloaded his entire discography.

Now, there’s rarely a day that passes that I don’t listen to Saint Raymond. And while all of his songs are good, an older tune called “The River” really catches my attention every time I listen to it. The layers of.guitar in the beginning are nothing short of mesmerizing, drawing you in right from the start. The smooth vocals and catchy lyrics are sure to get stuck in your head after just one listen. 

Check out “The River” below!