Meet the Writers

Mandy Corey

Hi. I’m Mandy. I started this blog because I wanted to be able to write about whatever music I loved, not just what was popular. I named it after Marcus Yates, former vocalist of Pixel Fix (and best vocalist ever in my opinion). In a live version of one of their songs, “I Want You The Same,” Marcus pronounces the word adore in a way I can only describe as a-doy. Their music always meant the world to me, and truth be told I started this blog to be able to write about them since the blog I used to work for said they weren’t relevant enough to write about. But yeah. Enough about that.

I have a BA in English from East Carolina University. I do like to write non-blog related stuff on occasion. If I find the right book, I do love to read. Being forced to read intolerable books in school sort of makes you dread reading, but with the right book you’ll find yourself hooked again in no time.

Music is my passion. I won’t hesitate to drive 17 hours or even fly to other countries to go see a band I love (believe it or not, I’ve done it multiple times). I don’t mind enduring sleepless nights and long days traveling from city to city to see show after show. In all honesty, I would love to be a tour manager one day. It’s my dream job. Sometimes you might find me behind the merch table at a show. If you do, come say hi and give me your money.

Danielle Hall

I’ve written for Adore a few times now so here’s me officially introducing myself. *waves*
So yeah hi, I’m Danielle and I’m from Leeds in the U.K. I went to uni at Bath Spa (the same uni as the guys from Coasts) to study history and now I’m a content writer who spends most of her money on gig tickets.

My sister would say that I’m a bit of a “hipster” as I love finding obscure new bands that nobody has heard of (and then stalking them to different countries). My taste in music varies very from folksy singer/songwriters, indie rock, alt pop and everything in between.

You will often find me up near the stage at venues trying to avoid the mosh pit or lurking off in the far corner dancing like nobody is watching.

We finally met at a Coasts show in Leeds, England!