Summer 2018 Playlist 🌞

While it may already feel like summer here in North Carolina (trust me, it’s sweltering), the official start of summer isn’t until tomorrow. And what would summer be without some great tunes to go with it? We’ve got you covered here at Adore with a playlist full of bops to jam to all summer long.

1. Nice Guy–courtship.

2. You Could Have Been The One–Coasts

3. Video Sunshine–Knox Hamilton

4. Drown–Kovic

5. Younger–Saint Raymond

6. Faded Heart–BØRNS

7. Carolina–Harry Styles

8. Something Beautiful–Joe Dolman

9. Summer–The Hunna

10. CIA–New Politics

11. Dead Young–Only The Poets

12. My My My!–Troye Sivan

13. Wolves (You Got Me)–DREAMERS

14. What Do I Know?–Ed Sheeran

15. Freshbloom–Sundara Karma

16. Favorite Record–Fall Out Boy

17. The Sound–The 1975

18. Sit Next To Me–Foster The People

19. Heartbreaker–Bad Suns

20. Honeybee–PUBLIC


Song of the Week: Cry Out For Me

Featured Image via Dreamers

Love can be great, but seemingly more often than not it can be painful. Even if it is painful, it can be a sweet pain. You hate to be turned down but you still crave the attention and presence of the one you love.

Dreamers capture this feeling perfectly in their song “Cry Out For Me.” Telling the story of an on-again/off-again relationship, the upbeat track can be deceiving, really just sugar-coating the pain underneath. Nevertheless, this tune is a banger. The heavy bass really stands out, complemented beautifully by playful guitar riffs and a danceable beat. 

Check out “Cry Out For Me” below!