Great Good Fine Ok Back At It Again With New Track “Already Love”

Featured Image via Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine Ok recently released a new track, titled “Already Love”. It starts out with great dancey-synths, which immediately gets you hype for the song. As it continues, lead singer Jon Sandler’s amazing voice meshes well with the beat, making the song even more invigorating to listen to. To make “Already Love” an even better track, the lyrics are something that everyone can relate to. Once again, Great Good Fine Ok has come out with an amazing song that you’ll want to listen to for hours. You won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing to the wonderful, rhythmic beat!

Give it a listen below! 

Great Good Fine Ok To Embark On First Headline Tour

Featured Image via Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine Ok will be embarking on their very first headline tour one month from today. The tour kicks off in Washington, DC on February 28th.

This funky duo, comprised of Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman, makes unique music that stands out in a sea of bland songs tailor-made for the radio. The combination of Jon’s silky falsetto voice and Luke’s infectious synth will have any listener dancing in no time.

They have toured with bands such as Magic Man and Vacationer, making a bold impression on concert goers there to see the main act. This time they will be headlining, making this a tour that is not to be missed.

Check out the dates below and make sure to get your tickets now!

Great Good Fine OK Tour

Image via Great Good Fine Ok