Summer 2017 Playlist

It might not officially be summer yet, but it sure feels like it (at least here in North Carolina)! We’ve put together a playlist of songs dripping with summer vibes, perfect to listen to whether you’re poolside, roadtripping or catching some waves.

Check it out below! 


Song of the Week: Ego

Featured Image via Milky Chance

Back in December, I happened to see Milky Chance two days in a row. I had never heard of them before, but their performance captivated me. They played some new material off of their forthcoming album, Blossom, due March 17th. One of those songs was “Ego.” I was very happy when they released it as a single ahead of the album, because this song is a straight-up jam.

Milky Chance have one of the most unique sounds as a band, and it definitely comes through in this single. Stellar vocals and exceptional percussion make this track a true work of art.

Check out “Ego” below, and make sure to check out Blossom on March 17th!