Valentine’s Day 2018 Playlist

Whether or not you’re actually celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, everyone can appreciate a good love song. Here are a few of our favorites.

Mandy’s Picks:

Danielle’s Picks:


Valentine’s Day Playlist

If you need some romantic songs to set the mood this Valentine’s Day, look no further than this playlist. What better way to express your love than through song?

Mandy’s picks

  • “Waves,” Sundara Karma: This song is nothing short of exotic. It’s so easy to get lost in the beautiful imagery of the lyrics and the sultry vocals. The marimba on this track is particularly captivating.
  • “Seeing Stars,” Børns: Pure, sweet pop. Børns’ angelic vocals bring this bouncy track to life.
  • “Lions,” Coasts: Seeing as how I have a line from this song tattooed on my leg, there was no way I could pass up including it in this playlist. “Love me to pieces.” That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right?
  • “I Want You,” Saint Raymond: “I want you, you know that.” This infectious track is the perfect way to tell that special someone how you feel about them.
  • “Sycamore Tree,” The Hunna: Ryan Potter’s vocals are the real star of this sweet track. Ranging from light and delicate to bold and powerful, Ryan sings of the unparalleled feeling of undying love.

Danielle’s picks

  • “As Long As I Need You,” Coasts: So many feels, so little time. There aren’t sufficient words to describe how much I love this song. Also it’s by Coasts so there’s that too. 
  • “I Won’t Give Up,” Jason Mraz: You know those songs that you just can’t help but sing along to when they come on? “I Won’t Give Up” is definitely one of those songs for me and it’s so beautiful, pure and heartfelt.
  • “Willow Tree,” Tom Speight: Whilst we’re talking of pure and heartfelt, who does that better than Tom Speight? This gorgeous duet has it all; lyrics that will melt your heart, beautiful harmonies and lots and lots of love.
  • “Thinking Out Loud,” Ed Sheeran: If you weren’t convinced that this was the perfect choice for your Valentine’s Day playlist before, then you need to get yourself over to YouTube and watch the video. “Thinking Out Loud” is sensual and totally gorgeous.
  • “Sugar,” Maroon 5: I’m putting on my dancing shoes with this last song. Everyone needs a little sweetness on v-day and this toe-tapping tune is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Danielle’s Top 20 Tracks Of 2016

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20. ‘Better Love’ Hozier

The title track of The Legend Of Tarzan is also Hozier’s Hollywood debut and kicks off my top 20 tracks of the year.

19. ‘Dancing On My Own’ Calum Scott

I loved this song when it was originally released by Robyn but this slowed down, emotional version is just the ticket.

 18. ‘See How’ Coasts

This is the first Coasts track on my list and I love the vivid imagery that the lyrics evoke and the strong presence of percussion.

17. ‘Don’t Wait For Me’ Flawes

Ok so this is the first of many songs on this list that takes me right back to the live shows. Flawes signed a record deal in September with Red Bull and I was at the first ever headliner.

16. ‘Swings And Waterslides’ Viola Beach


So technically this track was first released for download in August of last year but after that tragic accident this song and Viola Beach’s musical presence soared in popularity. Swings and Waterslides is my go to feel good song.

 15. ‘Rome’ Prides

Another uplifting tune that has me punching the air. Indie rock with a The 1975 vibe what’s not to love?

14. ‘Washed Up Together’ Knox Hamilton

After a chance meeting on Spotify and hearing Mandy talking about these guys I gave Washed Up Together a listen and I’m love.

13. ‘The Middle’ Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Singer/songwriters with a folky vibe are my weakness and I love love love the gorgeous vocals of Benjamin Francis Leftwich. 

12. ‘Lullaby Love’ Roo Panes

Getting his name from the Winnie The Pooh character; Roo knocked my socks off with his last album so to speak so I was super excited to hear what he had coming up next. Lullaby Love is the perfect marriage of Roo’s deep, velvety smooth vocals and cello accompaniment.

11. ‘Call Off The Search’ Heir

This is what Spotify radio was made for. With beautiful harmonies and climatic instrumentals Call Off The Search is a beautiful offering from Heir’s debut EP.

10. ‘So Close’ King No One

Ever since I first saw King No One at Live At Leeds (its kind of like a music festival but inside) back in April I have been obsessed with this song and was super excited to see them again this month as a birthday present to myself so come dance with me…

9. ‘Kicks’ Lauren Aquilina

Lauren Aquilina has quite literally been kicking butt this year with the release of her debut album and featuring on Buzzfeed’s 40 Underrated Pop Songs of 2016.

8. ‘She Said’ Sundara Karma

Talking of tracks that will get you feet tapping. Sundara Karma were making it big in 2016 and She Said is the perfect floor filler

7. ‘Swimming’ Marsicans

Feel good and very very summery, even when you listen to this track in the bleak mid winter you’ll be transported to the pool side, cocktail optional.

6. ‘Headlines’ Flawes

Flawes make their second offering to my top tracks list with Headlines. I mean that intro deserves a round of applause.

5.’Glitter and Gold’ Barns Courtney

In February I took my friend Becky to a small bar in Leeds ‘The Oporto’ to see Barns Courtney and whilst being totally hilarious we were mesmerised by his gravelly, rich voice.

4. ‘Run’ Tiggs Da Author

Live At Leeds is to blame for introducing me to the fell good music of Tiggs Da Author and I can’t help but smile whenever I hear this track.

3.’ Love’ Tom Speight

Love at first sight or should I say listen. Tom Speight stole my heart and this gorgeous duet is the perfect for the hopeless romantic in me.

2.’ You and Me’ The Hunna

The perfect mix of positivity and pure energy; The Hunna are seizing the day with this uplifting, fast – paced track.

1.’ Wallow’ Coasts

So I may have mentioned that a number of songs on this list remind me of seeing the bands live and Wallow is no exception except with this one I’m travelling hundreds of miles and boarding planes just to wallow in Coasts.