Ulysses Wells Prove They Have “What It Takes” With New Single

Featured Image via Ulysses Wells

Back in March, Ulysses Wells made their explosive entrance into the music world with “Taste It.” Today, they released their follow-up single, “What It Takes,” and it does not disappoint.

This track is full of raw emotion, embodied by the grunge sound Ulysses Wells have made their own. You can practically feel the intensity radiating from the passionate vocals, perfectly paired with dynamic guitar.

In short, Ulysses Wells remain a beacon of hope for rock music in an increasingly Top 40 world, refusing to conform with society’s standards of “popular music.” To me, this only makes them stand out above the pack. Keep your eyes on them because they are definitely headed for big things.

Check out “What It Takes” below! 


Ulysses Wells Premieres Debut Track, “Taste It”

Featured Image via Ulysses Wells

In today’s music world, it has become increasingly more difficult to find a good rock track, let alone a great one. Everyone tries to fit in with the Top 40 crowd—well, almost everyone. The artists that choose to stand out from the pack, who aren’t afraid to break the mold, are the artists that I respect the most. As of today, I can now add Ulysses Wells to that list.

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Image via Ulysses Wells

“Taste It,” the explosive debut track from Ulysses Wells, is nothing short of rebellious. If anarchy had a sound, this would be it. If I had to pick a favorite line from the song, it would have to be “You put the freak in the corner, put the freak away.” This song, by today’s musical standards, is a freak. But that’s what makes it so great. It’s a wake-up call, a slap in the face. The bold guitar riffs and defiant lyrics refuse to be ignored.

A debut single is meant to grab your attention and make you crave more. Ulysses Wells has certainly accomplished that goal with “Taste It.” I can’t wait to see what this band has for us next, but until then, I’ll definitely have this track on repeat.

Listen to “Taste It” below!