Jack Hopkinson Discusses His New Single, Musical Influences & More!

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We recently had the chance to speak to Jack Hopkinson, a British singer/songwriter, about his upcoming single, musical influences & more! Check out the interview below.

Adore: Where do you find the inspiration for your songs?

Jack: My relationships mainly, although some are self reflective (“Begin Again”). It varies from song to song.

A: Who are your main musical influences?

J: 1000% John Mayer. I take influences from other acts too like Foy Vance, The Brothers Landreth, Ryan Adams, James Bay, James Taylor. More into the folk americana genre.

A: If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

J: Let It Lie – The Brothers Landreth. There is not a bad song on that album or Joy of Nothing by Foy Vance.

A: If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

J: I’d love to support Foy Vance, I could just sit and listen to him talk. Or maybe someone like Lady Antebellum. I just want to sing to as many people as possible. Get my name and songs heard.

A: What’s your favorite song to perform live?

J: Right this minute, it’s a song off the new EP called “Every Now and Then.”

A: If you had a TARDIS, when and where would you want to visit?

J: I’d love to see the future (hoverboards and flying cars) but then again, Post-Victorian England (in between the two world wars) would be pretty sweet to experience for a day or two.

A: Having a successful music career can be a very difficult thing to achieve. What keeps you motivated to continue pursuing music?

J: The people who already support me are my focus to keep going. I love to get out there and sing, I feel it’s in my DNA so I just want to do it, but it’s mainly for the people who follow me and will follow me. (fingers crossed)

A: You’re releasing your new single, “Déjà Vu,” on Friday. What can listeners expect from it? 

J: “Déjà Vu” was written 5 years ago when I was at University, so a lot of people have already heard it to death but this is a brand new slant on it so what to expect from this version is many, many harmonies, a full band arrangement, a taste of lead guitar parts and Pedal Steel along with my acoustic guitar and my voice (obviously…haha).

Jack’s new single, “Déjà Vu,” will be released this Friday, March 3rd. I’ve been lucky to hear the single ahead of its release, and it is everything Jack said and more. Be sure to check it out!

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Symmetry Discuss Genre Changes, New Music & More!

Symmetry, a rock band hailing from LA, recently wrapped up their North American tour with Coasts and Knox Hamilton. I had the chance to speak to them about everything from genre changes to what’s up next for the band.

Adore: What inspired the major genre change between your albums Frozen In Time and Cure?

Symmetry: We don’t feel like we have any musical boundaries so we decided to go more on the pop side for our second record.

A: If people could only listen to one of your songs, which one would it be and why?

S: Probably “The Cure” just because it’s a fun song that seems to get people in a good mood.

A: If you had to pick only one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

S: No Strings Attached by NSYNC.

A: What is one interesting or weird fact about the band?

S: We all attended music school.

A: What has been the biggest conflict within the band?

S: Deciding where to eat after shows.

A: Who are your biggest musical influences?

S: We are inspired by the music of today.

A: If you had to describe your latest album, Cure, using only one word, what would it be?

S: Yes.

A: Now that your North American tour has come to a close, what’s up next for Symmetry? 

S: We’re working on writing and recording our new music to release later this year.

Check out Symmetry’s video for “The Cure” below!


Delta & Dawn Discuss Musical Influences, Their Debut EP & More!

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It’s always great when you discover a new band right as they’re starting out. Delta & Dawn, a rock band from Orlando, FL, recently played their first show ever. I was lucky enough to be there to witness it. Their live show is full of energy and incredibly entertaining; it’s enough to capture anyone’s attention. They have not released any music as of yet, but there is the promise of an EP soon.

I recently spoke to Delta & Dawn about their musical influences, their new EP and more. Check out the interview below!

Adore: How did Delta & Dawn form?

Adam: Lloyd and I have actually known each other for about two years now, and we always talked about writing music together. Near the end of last summer we starting working together on some songs and decided that we should make an EP out of the songs we did.

Lloyd: After my old band fell apart I became pretty disenchanted by the whole “being in a band” thing. I wrote some solo music and occasionally tried to convince Adam to do some leg work regarding playing and writing together. Somehow we thankfully forced it to happen in a suitable time frame. Now here we are and it feels pretty good.

Adore: Who are your main musical influences?

Adam: My influences are really all over the place. I listen to a lot of R&B lately, and a lot of the vocals that I write are influenced by that. I personally get bored if I listen to the same genre for too long, so I pull influence from all over.

Lloyd: Personally I kind of have none. I’ve played in so many bands and played so many types of music over the years that now it’s just about playing music that has stuck with me over time, nice sounding chord progressions with a pop/rock influence. I’m done trying to craft technical music, now it’s about something pleasing and enjoyable to me and hopefully everyone else. That’s why it’s great to hear what people think we sound like, and if they hear any influences in it. Always fun to listen to those thoughts.

Adore: Your debut EP will be released soon. What can listeners expect?

Adam: The EP is five songs. We produced it ourselves and wrote all of the music ourselves. The five songs all fit together as far as style goes, but they all have different moods, so the EP shows a lot of different colors considering how short it is. It ranges from quiet to loud, joyful to sad, all within five songs. We wanted to show a lot of range within the five songs. Hopefully there’s something in there that everyone can enjoy.

Lloyd: Hopefully something simply enjoyable. There’s a lot of life and energy in the songs that we enjoy, and it’s identifiable lyrically and musically.

Adore: If you had to describe your EP using only one word, what would it be?

Adam: Energetic.

Lloyd: Genuine.

Adore: Your very first show was opening for Coasts. How did it feel to share the stage with them?

Adam: It was really nice to play with Coasts. Our show in Orlando was the last show of their tour, so they were sounding really good. It is always fun to see a band that you associate with good memories. Their song “Tonight” is one that I listen to when I’m hanging out with my friends, so it reminds me of good times.

Lloyd: It was a great first show. Me and Adam have shared the stage before doing fun side things, but to play songs we wrote together, with some good friends as our band, was a great way to dust the cobwebs off after a very small amount of rehearsal time. Coasts’ fans were very receptive as well, so it couldn’t really have been a better way to start in anyway as far as I could see. Grateful to Coasts and the promoter for having us along.

Adore: After the EP release, what’s up next for Delta & Dawn?

Adam: We have a couple videos that will be coming out; we are planning on doing at least one or two music videos for songs from the EP. We actually filmed the first music video yesterday. We are also looking forward to playing some more shows in the fall and working on new music, too. I know that we both have some ideas for new songs already, so hopefully we can have even more music out before the end of the year!

Lloyd: Shows, hopefully lots. Raise awareness for the record, play more shows. We’ve both been in bands, worked for bands and recorded bands so many times before, it has to remain fun, with the right amount of work and creativity to move us onto a second record, which I’d love to have out in another 6 months or so.

Keep an eye out for Delta & Dawn’s debut EP! 




Ben & David of Coasts Discuss Tattoos, Music & More!

I had the chance to sit down with Ben Street and David Goulbourn of Coasts for an interview before their show in Atlanta, GA. Check it out below!

Coasts just kicked off their North American tour with Symmetry and Knox Hamilton in Nashville, TN. Check out the dates below and make sure to get your tickets here.

Coasts Tour

Image via Coasts



Flight Club Talks Recording, Musical Influences and More!

Featured Image via Flight Club

Flight Club, a rock and roll band from Virginia, recently released their self-titled EP, Flight Club. Adore had the chance to talk to them about recording, musical influences and more.

Adore: What was the recording process for Flight Club like?

Flight Club: Awesome! We did most of the instrumental stuff in our friend/co-producer’s basement. It was laid back and we got to use a lot of nicer equipment than we were used to. We did the vocals at Summit Sound Recording Studio which is tucked away in the mountains near Eagle Rock, VA. It’s an amazing studio and the surrounding area was absolutely gorgeous. Although it was early January, so it was always freezing. Sam ended up catching a cold during vocal tracking which caused some difficulties, but he powered through! All in all, it was an incredible experience for us.

A: What’s your favorite track on the EP?

FC: I’d have to say the first song, “The T-Truffle Shuffle”. We explored a lot of different directions, musically, on this release, but I feel like that track really embodies the sound we want to accomplish as Flight Club. It’s got a catchy guitar riff, heavy breakdowns, groovy melodies and lyrics full of teenage angst. Anyone can relate to this jam because it’s swingy enough to dance to, heavy enough to mosh to and catchy enough to make you sing along!

A: Who are your main musical inspirations?

FC: Oh, there are ever so many. Four Year Strong is Sam’s personal favorite, but he listens to anything involving loud guitars and drums. They combine the positive vibes of pop punk with the heaviness of hardcore to get an incredible blend of power and melody. Charlie loves a lot of core pop punk like The Story So Far, State Champs and Neck Deep along with some heavier bands. Toney love FYS as well, but also has a taste for heavier artists like The Devil Wears Prada and Ice Nine Kills. He also listens to some prog rock/post-hardcore bands like Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds and Closure In Moscow. Steven provides our bluesy, old-school, rock n roll vibe. His idol is Jack White (and the other bands Jack plays in) as well as other modern blues rock bands like The Black Keys, Cage The Elephant and Jet. He’s also big on a lot of jam bands like Widespread Panic.

A: Can we expect any new music from you soon?

FC: Wouldn’t you like to know 😉 We’ve been doing a lot of writing and are starting to really form a solid idea for our next release. We’re crazy stoked on the new songs we’ve been coming up with and can’t wait to show everyone how much we’ve grown as a band. When we’ll start recording is undetermined, but be on the lookout for a possible music video in the near future… Other than that, make sure to check out our EP because I promise you won’t hate it! Follow us on all of our social media (@flightclubva) to find out when we’re playing a show near you.

Check out Flight Club’s EP below!

Interview: Sam McCoig Talks About “Seniors”

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Sam McCoig, an acoustic singer/songwriter hailing from Virginia, recently released his first solo single, “Seniors”. Adore had the chance to speak to Sam about his new single and what’s to come for him in the future.

Sam McCoig

Image via Sam McCoig

Adore: What was the inspiration for your single “Seniors”?

Sam McCoig: I originally wrote this song, “Seniors”, for my previous (band) Sunbox. It was written about my senior year of high school. I wrote the song as my final year of high school was winding down. I started realizing that I wasn’t going to see a lot of the people and things around me probably ever again, so high school went from doing the same thing everyday to looking around and kind of appreciating everything one last time. The second verse refers to how I would hope that the band would stick together after high school no matter what. “To only hope, that we won’t break, what we have made.”

A: What was the recording process like?

SM: The recording process was interesting and honestly pretty easy. I did it in my own house all by myself with some simple recording equipment. I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound and turn out so I was the most practical engineer for the job. I always record best with my dog lying at my feet.

A: Who are your main musical inspirations?

SM: I love a lot of different musicians, but for my new style of genre Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran are probably my two biggest influences. I just recently discovered Charlie Puth and I love his voice a lot as well.

A: What do you have planned for the future?

SM: Lots of things! I’m hoping to get more involved at my college, VCU, and reach out to that demographic of listeners. There will be an EP that will follow my single but that will all be done in a studio professionally later on this spring. Lots of show dates will be coming soon as well as a southern tour this July! I’ve never gone south to play music so that will be quite interesting and hopefully a fun, new adventure.

Check out “Seniors” below!