Song of the Week: Burn

Featured Image via SomeKindaWonderful

Infectious, upbeat reggae-rock—this perfectly describes SomeKindaWonderful‘s song “Burn”. This ukulele-filled track boasts bold vocals and rhythms that will make you want to clap along to the beat. It stands out on their self-titled album, immediately grabbing any listener’s attention and making it a perfect candidate to be the Song of the Week.

Check out “Burn” below!

Give It Up For Coast Modern’s “Animals”

Featured Image via Coast Modern

Coast Modern, a duo consisting of Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas, has been captivating the music scene across the globe recently. With only two songs out, including their latest, “Animals,” Coast Modern has already proved to be a new sensation. With their first single, “Hollow Life,” gaining a lot of attention, the release of new music was highly anticipated, and “Animals” definitely does not disappoint. This upbeat, exhilarating song will remain in your head long after you listen. The invigorating vocals draw you in as the simple yet catchy lyrics charm you. Overall, “Animals” is a raw, relatable song that should be praised greatly. 

Give it a listen below!

Song of the Week: Girl Crush

Featured Image via New Politics

If you’re looking for a fun, carefree song to jam to, look no further than “Girl Crush” by New Politics! This upbeat track is full of witty lines that are sure to make you smile and some that might even make you laugh out loud. These Danish rockers have certainly mastered the art of creating a catchy tune that is perfect for singing along to.

Check out the hilarious video for “Girl Crush” below!


Coasts To Cross “Oceans” For North American Tour

Featured Image via Coasts

British band Coasts have just announced a 2016 North American headlining tour. They will be kicking off their tour in Nashville, TN on April 13 and wrapping up in Orlando, FL on May 23. Knox Hamilton and Symmetry will be opening.

This five-piece band is comprised of Chris Caines (vocals), Liam Willford (guitar), James Gamage (bass), David Goulbourn (keyboard) and Ben Street (drums). They were no stranger to North America last year—they toured with Bad Suns, headlined their own shows and opened for acts such as Weezer and Smallpools. Whether opening or headlining, Coasts always make an impression, commanding the attention of all in attendance.

They will be performing songs from their self-titled debut album, Coasts, which was just released on January 22nd. Their music contains elements of pop, rock, electronic and dance—the perfect combination for an amazing concert.

Check out the tour dates below and make sure to get your tickets here!

Coasts Tour

image via Coasts

Song of the Week: No Good

Featured Image via Kaleo

Songs appearing solely on soundtracks can often be overlooked. Featured on the soundtrack for the HBO show Vinyl, “No Good” by Kaleo is one tune that definitely deserves attention. This rocking track features catchy guitar riffs and exceptional vocals that are backed by a foot-stomping beat that will make you want to get up and dance.

Check out a live video for “No Good” below!

Song of the Week: Give Me Mine

Featured Image via Jonas Sees In Color

Everyone can use a little rock and roll in their life, and Jonas Sees In Color, a four-piece band from North Carolina, will give you just that. They have a raw energy that comes alive in their music. Their single “Give Me Mine” clearly displays their pure, organic sound, created with real instruments—not computers. Its deep verses and catchy choruses—along with a rocking guitar solo—will have you jamming along to it in no time.

Check out the video for “Give Me Mine” below!


Interview: Sam McCoig Talks About “Seniors”

Featured Image via Sam McCoig

Sam McCoig, an acoustic singer/songwriter hailing from Virginia, recently released his first solo single, “Seniors”. Adore had the chance to speak to Sam about his new single and what’s to come for him in the future.

Sam McCoig

Image via Sam McCoig

Adore: What was the inspiration for your single “Seniors”?

Sam McCoig: I originally wrote this song, “Seniors”, for my previous (band) Sunbox. It was written about my senior year of high school. I wrote the song as my final year of high school was winding down. I started realizing that I wasn’t going to see a lot of the people and things around me probably ever again, so high school went from doing the same thing everyday to looking around and kind of appreciating everything one last time. The second verse refers to how I would hope that the band would stick together after high school no matter what. “To only hope, that we won’t break, what we have made.”

A: What was the recording process like?

SM: The recording process was interesting and honestly pretty easy. I did it in my own house all by myself with some simple recording equipment. I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound and turn out so I was the most practical engineer for the job. I always record best with my dog lying at my feet.

A: Who are your main musical inspirations?

SM: I love a lot of different musicians, but for my new style of genre Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran are probably my two biggest influences. I just recently discovered Charlie Puth and I love his voice a lot as well.

A: What do you have planned for the future?

SM: Lots of things! I’m hoping to get more involved at my college, VCU, and reach out to that demographic of listeners. There will be an EP that will follow my single but that will all be done in a studio professionally later on this spring. Lots of show dates will be coming soon as well as a southern tour this July! I’ve never gone south to play music so that will be quite interesting and hopefully a fun, new adventure.

Check out “Seniors” below!


Robert DeLong Tour Will Make You “Happy”

Featured Image via Robert DeLong

Robert DeLong will set out on his February headlining tour in just one week. This electronic musician from LA has one of the most incredible live experiences and his shows are not to be missed.

DeLong is a one-man band, playing every instrument himself. While he is a skilled guitarist and pianist, his real talent lies in percussion. DeLong is a superb percussionist, always incorporating mind-blowing drum solos into his live shows. While he does play many percussion instruments that you would normally see on stage, DeLong also utilizes objects such as Xbox controllers and Wii remotes to create his music. His one-man show takes place in front of personalized graphics displayed on screens behind him, making it a truly unique concert experience.

Check out Robert DeLong’s tour dates below and make sure to snag your tickets before they’re gone!

Robert DeLong Feb TourImage via Robert DeLong

Song of the Week: On Your Own

Featured Image via Joe Dolman

It’s always a good find when you come across a young musician with incredible talent. Joe Dolman is just that, and his single “On Your Own” is the Song of the Week. Joe is a nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter from the UK with extraordinary talent for his age. This track is from his second EP, The Best In Me. It showcases Joe’s folksy voice accompanied by acoustic guitar. This captivating tune will quickly become one of your favorite songs.

Check out Joe’s video for “On Your Own” below!