Great Good Fine Ok To Embark On First Headline Tour

Featured Image via Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine Ok will be embarking on their very first headline tour one month from today. The tour kicks off in Washington, DC on February 28th.

This funky duo, comprised of Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman, makes unique music that stands out in a sea of bland songs tailor-made for the radio. The combination of Jon’s silky falsetto voice and Luke’s infectious synth will have any listener dancing in no time.

They have toured with bands such as Magic Man and Vacationer, making a bold impression on concert goers there to see the main act. This time they will be headlining, making this a tour that is not to be missed.

Check out the dates below and make sure to get your tickets now!

Great Good Fine OK Tour

Image via Great Good Fine Ok

Song of the Week: I Would

Featured Image via COIN

COIN released their new video for “I Would” on Monday, so it seemed fitting to make it the song of the week. This track begins softly, leading up to a powerful chorus that will be sure to get stuck in your head. The smooth vocals and catchy guitar solo are just a couple of the things that make this a standout track.

Check out the video for “I Would” below!

Magic Man and The Griswolds Announce Hotline Spring Tour

Featured Image via Panama Wedding

Magic Man and The Griswolds have announced their co-headlining 2016 Hotline Spring North American Tour with support from Panama Wedding.

Magic Man, known for their infectious pop melodies, will be hitting the road with new members after the departure of three members in 2015. They have toured with acts such as New Politics, Panic! At The Disco and Walk The Moon, as well as headlining memorable shows of their own.

The Griswolds share some touring companions with Magic Man. The Australian band has also toured with New Politics and Walk The Moon. Their addicting indie rock songs make them ideal tour companions for Magic Man.

Check out the dates of the Hotline Spring Tour below and make sure to get your tickets!

Hotline Spring Tour

Image via Magic Man

Let Pixel Fix Settle You With Stunning New Song

Featured Image via Pixel Fix

Pixel Fix, a four-piece band from the UK, released a video for their new song “You Settle Me” today. Expectations for the song were high, especially after their recent single “I Want You The Same” made such an impact.

“You Settle Me” does not disappoint. The intoxicating vocals combined with infectious electronic elements produce a hypnotic result. One listen will have any listener hooked.

Pair the song with the video and the effect is mesmerizing. The video finds Pixel Fix performing in a dark room, illuminated only by strips of pulsing lights. The result is reminiscent of a scene you might witness in a rave filled with strobe lights—you’ll be focused on one member, the lights will dim and then brighten to reveal a new scene, whether it be the member it was focused on in a different position or a different member altogether. It’s impossible to look away. Check out the video below!

Pixel Fix will be touring the UK in March, make sure to see them if they’re coming near you.

Pixel Fix Tour

Image via Pixel Fix

Song of the Week: Modern Love

Featured Image via Coasts

In honor of Coasts’ debut album being released on Friday, I have chosen their single “Modern Love” as the Song of the Week. This synth-filled tune full of catchy lyrics and punchy drum beats will be sure to have you dancing and singing along to it in no time. It was named one of Zane Lowe’s Hottest Records for BBC Radio 1 for a reason.

Check out the video for “Modern Love” below, and make sure to pick up their debut album on Friday!